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The name of the protected area honors the stream that crosses it and has the same name as the corridor "Luriza".

It is located in the municipality of Usiacurí, the department of the Atlantico. It has an area of 837.17 hectares (2,069 acres) where approximately 17 families live. The management plan of this area among its conservation objects contemplated the artisan tradition as one of the main activities to protect in the future. Since these give sustenance to many families that depend on the fibers of species such as the Iraca palm (Carludovica palmata) to knit their handcrafts, a species that showed a decrease in their populations due to overexploitation. Another important object was the tree species of Carreto (Aspidosperma polyneuron), typical bird communities of TDF, bodies of water, and ancestral knowledge of medicinal plants.

  • Partner

    Corporacion Autónoma Regional del Atlántico, Municipal government of  Usiacurí, Conserva Colombia program, The Nature Conservancy, Fondo para la Acción Ambiental y la Niñez

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     Usiacurí, Atlántico - Colombia

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Fundación Ecosistemas Secos de Colombia

Pradomar Puerto Colombia, Colombia


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