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The ESC Foundation's team believes that the protection, conservation, and restoration of dry ecosystems is only possible when community, academia and environmental authorities work together, as this ensures effective actions for the long-term conservation and protection of forests.
For each project carried out, we generate different communication and socialization strategies ranging from environmental education days, practical-theoretical workshops, discussion tables, visual documentation and spaces for its projection.
Also, we have experience in the leadership, creation, coordination, and execution of the international congress of Bosque Seco held in 2008. We are currently coordinating the 2019 version.

Our services: 

  • Planning, designing and executing scientific events for the socialization of knowledge
  • Environmental education
  • Training in the biodiversity management of dry ecosystems

You can support us with Sponsoring, Contribution, and Volunteering

Fundación Ecosistemas Secos de Colombia

Calle 68 # 50-152. office 1A1, Barranquilla, Colombia

(+57 5 ) 333 8314 / (+57) 311 446 8288


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