General Director

Gina M. Rodríguez M.
Gina M. Rodríguez M.General Director

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

With more than 15 years of experience in floristics, vegetation, and restoration of dry ecosystems. She has worked on generating knowledge on the Colombian dry forest flora within most of its distribution areas, particularly in the Caribbean region. She has extensive knowledge of planning and regulation of conservation areas, together with the management of local and regional systems of protected areas.

Scientific Director

Karina Banda R.
Karina Banda R.Scientific Director

PhD on tropical ecology and conservation, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

With experience in designing actions and tools for the conservation of Biodiversity in the tropics. Engaged in promoting cooperation between different national and international actors for the creation and development of scientific networks and their articulation with government entities in order to improve conservation-related baselines and decision-making.

Technical Team

María Fernanda Acosta
María Fernanda AcostaSocial Professional

Universidad de los Andes

Especialist in design, creation and management of regional and national protected areas, with more than 18 years of experience in environmental protection and promotion of sustainable use.

Priscilla Saab
Priscilla SaabBiologist

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

With 6 years of experience in ecology and working with communities for the development of diagnostics, management plans and monitorin protocols.

Lino olivares
Lino olivaresField-assistant

Great connoisseur of the Caribbean territory, its plant diversity, its landscapes, and its people. It has an ancestral knowledge regarding the recognition of plant species and animals typical of the dry tropical forest and its uses. He has been the foundation's guide and field-assistant for 15 years.

Mauricio Sarmiento Pancho
Mauricio Sarmiento PanchoProfessional Geographical Information Systems

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Specialized in the management and conservation of natural areas. With experience in the design and implementation of GIS, models and tools in biodiversity conservation processes and identification of areas for conservation.

Miguel Ángel Díaz
Miguel Ángel DíazField auxiliary

Corporación Universitaria del Caribe

With experience in the implementation of permanent plots for vegetation monitoring, and baseline conglomerates under the National Forest Inventory methodology.

Ana Cristina Estupiñán
Ana Cristina EstupiñánBiologist

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

MSc of Biology, With experience in Biodiversity research, conservation, and floristic characterization. Specialist in botany and ethnobotany from rural communities in the Colombian Caribbean region

María Alejandra Díaz
María Alejandra DíazBiologist

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

With experience in establishing forest inventories, managing biological databases. With an emphasis on scientific communication by audiovisual and digital means.

Administrative Subdirectorate

Edwin Gaitán Molano
Edwin Gaitán MolanoLegal coordinator


Tatiana Jiménez Rodríguez
Tatiana Jiménez RodríguezAccounting Coordinator

Accountant publishes

Maria Luisa Torres
Maria Luisa TorresAdministrative and accounting assistant

Administrative assistant

Carlos Arturo Parada
Carlos Arturo ParadaAdministrative assistant



Natalia Andrea De Moya

Biology Student

Universidad del Atlántico
Moa BellStudent of Ecological and Environmental Sciences
The University of Edinburgh
Juan Lobo GuerreroStudent of Ecological and Environmental Sciences
The University of Edinburgh
María Isabell PozoBiology Student

Universidad del Atlántico

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