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…país del sol sonoro,

de animalillos zumbadores,

de lagartijas y camaleones...

León de Greiff (Fanfarria en Sol Mayor)

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Apoyan: CYTED, Jardín Botánico de
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El bosque seco

es el ecosistema más amenazado
en el trópico.

queda menos del 10%
de su cobertura original.

We are ESC Foundation, our priority is to promote the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of the country's dry ecosystems.

Conservation and Biodiversity

Contributing to the scientific knowledge of Colombia's Dry Forests

Environmental Management and Sustainable Use

Management for the efficient use of forest resources

Social Management and Promotion

We promote social and environmental management for local development

Training and Cooperation

We create research networks, training and scientific events

Interesting Facts

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Restored Tropical Dry Forest Hectares

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Hectares declared as protected areas under our advice

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Seeds of native species planted in the Caribbean

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Families benefiting from our projects

Together we can make a difference


"...Cuando llueve reverdece y cuando no, dormido permanece bajo el sol..."

Song of the Dry Forest, production of Jacana jacana

Tropical dry forests (TdF), distributed through Latin America and the Caribbean, are currently critically threatened due to human pressure and biodiversity loss. With less than 10% of its original extent in some countries, it is the ecosystem with the highest conservation and restoration priority. Because of this, the DEC (Dry Ecosystems of Colombia) Foundation has worked during 15 uninterrupted years, contributing to expand the knowledge on TdF and leading the establishment of protected areas for the conservation and connection of forest relicts still present in the Caribbean region of Colombia.

Every contribution counts!

Tropical Dry Forest ecosystems, and with the hundreds of plant and animal species inhabiting them, need your support to guaranty their conservation and long term reforesting. There are three main ways to support the DEC foundation:

  • Sponsoring: : If you are interested in economically support a particular project, you can contact us. You can also provide support by communicating and spreading our work. We will make sure to give recognition to our sponsors.
  • Contribution: : If you want to make a donation, you can do it in two ways: money and in-kind aid. Send us an e-mail and we will get in touch with you soon.
  • Volunteering: : If you are interested in collaborating with the development of our projects, you must pay attention to the DEC foundation announcements on our social media platforms.

The Ecosistemas Secos de Colombia Foundation is registered as a non-profit organization in Colombia. With your contribution, you can receive a donation certificate, deductible from your income tax, while supporting the conservation of the Tropical Dry Forest and survival of hundreds of species such as the cotton-top tamarin, a species that exists only in parts of the Caribbean region of Colombia.

Latest News

Monitoreando la salud de los bosques olvidados del mundo
15 July 2020

"Los bosques secos y sabanas explican más de la mitad del área de tierra tropical, aunque científicos, conservacionistas y gobiernos frecuentemente los han ignorado, sin darse cuenta que

Boletín No. 02 de La Red Florística Latinoamericana del Bosque Tropical Estacionalmente Seco (Dryflor)
25 April 2020

Del 10 al 14 de noviembre, la Universidad de Piura (UDEP) acogió la reunión anual de la red DRYFLOR

IX Simposio de Biodiversidad Caribe
13 October 2019

El simposio tendrá lugar en la universidad del Norte - Barranquilla, desde el 20 al 22 de Noviembre de 2019. El tema central será " Desde las moléculas hasta el Bosque Seco Tropical 

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