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The declaration of protected areas for the conservation of tropical dry forests is the result of social participation, community,and the academia that is generated in the socialization and discussion workshops for the identification of coarse filter conservation objects such as soils, forests, water resources, fine-filtered conservation objects such as endangered species and ancestral cultural knowledge. This process of socialization and discussion is recorded in the synthesis documents for the declaration of the areas, which are submitted to the competent authorities such as the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for approval. To then generate, develop and execute methodologies for the short, medium and long term management of territories declared as protected areas. The ESC Foundation has coordinated all these processes in the declaration of 5 protected areas in the Colombian Caribbean, for this reason, we have experience and recognition in the social, academic and administrative sectors for the following:

  • Design and implementation of restoration and monitoring plan
  • Design of environmental management plans for the declaration of protected areas
  • Biodiversity Loss Compensation Portfolio Ecorregional
  • Planning for the conservation of priority areas
  • Design and implementation of landscape management tool

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Fundación Ecosistemas Secos de Colombia

Pradomar Puerto Colombia, Colombia


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