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We are the pioneering foundation in the study of Colombia's tropical dry forest. For 15 years of our career, we have traveled and evaluated the diversity of the territories were dry ecosystems take place. We have a wide record of the flora, fauna, and dynamics of the interaction of the inhabitants with the resources offered by the ecosystems.
We develop:

  • Characterizations of fauna and flora
  • Monitoring Tropical Dry Forests
  • Establishment of permanent monitoring plots.
  • Creation of connectivity corridors and participatory management for conservation.
  • Development of socio-ecosystem studies for the generation of conservation opportunities
  • Forest Inventories for Vegetation and Soil Monitoring

Puedes apoyarnos de tres maneras: Patrocinio, Colaboración y Voluntariado

Fundación Ecosistemas Secos de Colombia

Pradomar Puerto Colombia, Colombia


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