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The RDIM Palmar del Titi is located between the municipalities of Luruaco and Piojo, west of the Department of Atlántico. It has an area of 2,622 hectares (6,479 acres), consisting of 47 properties.

It borders to the west with Los Rosales Regional Natural Park, to the east with a section of the Hibácharo - Palmar de Candelaria, to the southeast with the town center of the San Juan de Tocagua township and the San Juan de Tocagua Lagoon; to the north with the Ciénaga del Totumo and to the south with a section of the Vial trunk of the Caribbean. It presents patches of dry forest in a good state of conservation, which harbor populations of the cotton-top tamarins, a species endemic to the Colombian Caribbean and in danger of extinction.

With the declaration of this new protected area, the representativeness of TDF in the National System of Protected Areas SINAP was increased, and significant contribution was made to the fulfillment of the goal of conservation of the said ecosystem. With the declaration of this new area, the necessary measures will be taken to avoid the loss of forest cover through the realization of management that leads to the sustainable use of the area, the protection of the present ecosystems, the recovery of the degraded soils and the conservation of threatened species. Additionally, the DRM Palmar del Titi generates connectivity with other protected areas in the Atlantic and north of Bolívar, which, according to the regional commitment, intends in the future to promote the union of the departments of Atlántico and Bolívar from at least 8,000 hectares (17,768 acres) protected for the Caribbean, that have a good management of the shared ecosystems, and that guarantee the conservation of the dry forest as habitat of the cotton-top tamarin.

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    MinAmbiente, Corporación Regional del Atlántico,  Alexander von Humboldt Institute,   Proyecto Tití Foundation.

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    Atlántico - Colombia

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